Who we are

Experience, Presence, Passion
Ecoetico is the result of a joint effort of professionals with complementary backgrounds and personal and professional experience in the areas of private investment in the third sector, grass roots development, communication as both a media to report performance and as an inclusive tool through ICTs/ social media, and inclusive trade.

What we do

Integrative Thinking: Business and Society
We advise companies, financial institutions, SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), public organizations and NGOs to define, assess, implement and measure socio-environmental programs, inclusive trade and value chain strategies, focusing on the integrative elements of business and society.

How we do

Unlocking the Power of Possibility
One of our strongest differentials is our capability of navigating between cultures. We are effectively in the spot, be it the communities, producers cooperatives or consumer markets. In many cases we act as bridging actors, facilitating the intermediation between groups different needs and priorities understanding in South America and Europe. We apply a methodology based on integrative thinking and systemic management, which produce out of the box ideas - be it for the project main topic or the network behind it - and transformative results. By constantly comparing the business culture and the socio-environmental reason-to-be with the sort of supported project, and promoting the dialogue between them, there is alignment among the investment, the business focus and society`s engagement. As part of a learning process, the results and experiences acquired in the projects can be linked back to leadership training, as a competency. We partner with international and local universities and bring a solid mix of professional with academic background.

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