Coffee Cooperative Alto Palomar

From the 11th July to the 8th August 2009, a field assessment was conducted in the coffee cooperative Alto Palomar, in the Central Peruvian Amazon, to analyze SIPPO`s (Swiss Import Promotion Program) support program`s impact in the regional socio-economic development.

SIPPO commissioned this study to HSG`s Center for Leadership and Values in Society with the objective of having a consistent set of information to analyze to which extent their programs in supporting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in attending international trade fairs finally creates value to regional community and promotes poverty alleviation.

The cooperative part of the study is Alto Palomar which was founded in 2002, at the moment congregates 300 small coffee producers and is located at 1,400 meters above sea-level in the district of Chanchamayo in the Central Peruvian Amazon.

Alto Palomar received SIPPOs support for 4 years in accessing international markets through participating in trade fairs (i.e. Biofach in Nuremberg), match-making with possible customers and proving the necessary knowledge and training for the cooperative`s commercial person.

The methodology applied was the Public Value Chain and the assessment and analysis were conducted by Prof. Dr. Urs Jager, managing director of the Center for Leadership and Values in Society (CLVS) and Angelica Rotondaro, doctoral candidate at the HSG Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK), developing her research about Fair Trade cooperatives in Peru and Brazil.

  • Interviewing coffee producer during harvest time in the Central Peruvian Amazon

  • Meeting with Alto Palomar Cooperative Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Urs Jaeger with producers from Valle de Cunas