Environmental Business Brand Development

In the 1990s, an international company started in the industrial waste management services as a complementary activity to its core business. The professionals involved took a leading position in terms of promoting the technology of co-processing, developed several researches with top universities, and participated in national groups for policy definitions about solid waste management.

By 2006, this business had grown increasingly and several of these environmental services business units had already developed their own brands, which were the face to the market without the connection to the mother-company.

The company had to decide how to position this environmental services business both internally and in terms of its business/brand portfolio.

After several meetings among steering committee members, the solution was to develop a brand specifically for this business, which would then be endorsed by the mother-company.

The applied process involved the analysis of this service`s triple bottom-line, workshops for the brand positioning and promise, a naming process including its meaning and pronunciation in different languages as well as the possibility of applying for the trade mark and web domain registration in 80 countries.

The next step involved the visual identity development (logo and brand directives), and a jointly implementation in Asia, Europe, USA and some countries in Central America. For more information about this brand look&feel and positioning, please access: www.geocycle.com