GRIFE - Women Empowerment through Income Generation

Ecoetico supports pro bono the group GRIFE (Feminine Inspiration Group) in the development of new customers in Europe and in the identification of volunteers and supporters for design workshops related to customer preference and fashion tendencies in Europe.

GRIFE is formed by a group of women from Alagoinhas, Bahia, which in 2000 got together to discuss and define how their artistic capabilities could be turned into artwork to be sold to the internal market. The main objective was to develop a commercial activity which would bring women empowerment through income generation.

In 2009, with the support of Instituto Marista de Solidariedade (IMS), the group attended several training sessions about organizational planning. As a result, in 2010 GRIFE was legally institutionalized as an association.

GRIFE`s members have a high environmental consciousness and their products include several of the local nature-based materials like banana straw and coconut blanket. They also produce textile colored with a hot-sugar method, with very vivid colors.

For more information about the work being developed by GRIFE, click here Products Brochure.

Neide Alves (General Coordinator)
+55 75 9933 0160

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