Angélica Rotondaro (31st Jan 1970, in São Paulo)

Bridging networks between Europe and Latin America, Angelica Rotondaro`s main focus is the positioning of environmental products and the (re)-structuring of distribution channels, and product/brand development for fair and organic products.

As a senior branding consultant for a Swiss company, she developed an environmental business brand (concept, design, positioning) - Geocycle - and coordinated its implementation in Asia, Spain and the USA. Previously she worked in marketing/communications for companies like Kodak, Bayer, ABB, Bechtel and Holcim, in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Switzerland.

She was the co-founder and executive vice-president of an Institute for private investment in the third sector (Instituto Holcim), and coordinated the first round of a Sustainable Construction Awards for Latin America.

Angélica works as a facilitator in establishing commercial relationships between Brazil, Mercosur and Europe, as a result of a typical Brazilian melting pot, the family background in the agribusiness (coffee farm), with a passion for bio and fair trade products and her experience in branding.

Angélica is a doctoral candidate at the University of St.Gallen, with the research topic `Cultural relativism in the commercial relationship between small agricultural producer organizations in Brazil and their Swiss buyers`. She is also the director of the University representation office for South America, based in São Paulo.