Wally Hannemann (7th Feb 1952, in Cambe)

Wally Hannemann is a technology affectionate very well prepared to help and support any customer need for design, definition, and implementation of : Social Media Tools and Strategy; Conventional and new technologies for Webpages; SEO; Network Design; Performance Optimization; Wireless; WI-FI; WIMAX implementation and requirements analysis.

From 2000 to 2004 Wally was Telecom Manager for Latin America Region for Eastman Kodak, when he had under his management LA 13 countries engineers with telecom. duties like: Voice Network, Data Network, VMX (voice messaging) Video Conference, LAN, WAN, MAN,, etc.. During all this period Wally had received training and specialization in the various I.T.C. areas including all technical information related to his role as well as all management processes related to is position.

Before that, in 1995, he was assigned by Eastman Kodak to act as Telecommunication Site Network Coordinator for Rochester`s sites in US. Had the opportunity to deal with projects, groups of engineers, deal with vendors like CISCO, Nortel, IBM, AT&T as many others to setup cost effective and optimum IT environment for US Kodak users.

Wally has been involved and acting in the Information Technology arena for more than 35 years. Initiate in the yearly IBM Mainframe days, had learned many mainframe most common programming languages like, assembler, RPG, Fortran, Cobol, PL/I and others.
He was involved with the implementation of one of the first BSC synchronous connections links inter-cities in Brazil, studying, configuring, analyzing and implementing solutions for Eastman Kodak.

Before Kodak, he was dealing with the first Apple PC (Personal Computer) importation process in Brazil. Had to deal with vendor, brokers, importation process and all Government departments due to importation restriction applied to Brazil at that time. Had the opportunity to follow all the Personal Computers technology grow from the old Z80 microprocessor until current available models. Is very much familiar with the PC`s operating systems like: DOS, Apple OS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Android and all the Mobile OS as well.

Wally is an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and Social Media evangelist ready to help, orient and point customers to a right and better solution.