Educational Engagement in the Pantanal Region (Brazil)

In a city called Gloria de Dourados which is located at 274 km far from the State Capital - Campo Grande towards Southwest direction.

Educational Focus
The project is structured in 3 modules which have interlinking activities among each other and are built according to the target group identified priorities:
Financial know-how

Program Modules
Module 1: Financial know-how

Business related training - games/simulations about real life situations(3):
      Warehouse - products` in/out flow
      Basic domestic financing
      Interest rate calculation
      Savings / Investment
      Understanding a Balance Sheet
      Meeting the deadlines

Decision making process on where and how to invest in regional product and markets      development (connected to the Innovation Module)
Alternative Currency - as part of the in-site trainings aiming at taking to the field what is lived during the exercises:

Module 2: Accessing and dealing with Information

Community/Cooperative Media Centre:
      Generating local content and bringing in external/useful market news;
      Interlinking: Local Radio Station; Web; Mobile Phones; PUSHMAIL, RSS, Podcast
Development of online communications for the Region/Product (mobile ring-tones; website; product availability in other trading      websites, petc)
Audio and video streaming